Wireless Internet

We Don’t piggyback off any other network!

Data – Voice – Wireless

Wireless Internet offer voice and data services to businesses and homes. Using our advanced, secure, enterprise-class network, we are able to offer our customers a FAST, AFFORDABLE & RELIABLE solution to all their data and voice needs. WIRU-link networks are designed, built and maintained by our experienced network engineers, so we do not rely on any third party network. Tired of cable theft? We have your solution for phones, voice, data virtual PABX.

If you are interested Email Us: Us the following:

Name And Surname



Land Line:

Phone Number:

Free installation: For 5MB and UP

Line Speed required: 1MB, 2MB, 5MB, 10MB and 20MB. (Uncapped)

Packages Estimate All are Uncapped P/M

1MB =  R399

2MB =  R549

5MB =  R799

10MB =  R1199

15MB = R1699

20MB = R2199

50MB = R5299

100MB = R9999

We also do offer faster speed all you need to do is inquire. Installation needs line of sight to our towers.

We can do entire complexes too. Its R650 consultation free.  Speed can range from 10MB up and down to 100MB up and down. This can include maintenance and fair usage policies. 

To info [at] comptuer-tech.co.za