Data Recovery

Hard Drive Rescue
Our most popular data recovery service CT Repairs is our hard drive rescue service. We created this service to provide you with a quick, easy, and affordable way to retrieve your data instantly from a computer that is no longer working. Most customers who choose this service are customers who have computers with dead motherboards, liquid damage, or broken DC jack adapters. These repairs can run hundreds of Rand that investing in a new computer may be better.
Most customers purchase a new computer, plug in their enclosure, and transfer the data they need to their new computer. For this service, we charge R400 per hour.

Data Recovery
At CT Repairs we offer data recovery services for laptops, desktops, external hard drives, and USB sticks. We have an array of tools that aid us in recovering data that has been accidentally deleted, formatted, or corrupted. If we cannot recover data from the hard drive because it has an internal or mechanical issue, a data specialist would need to take a look at it. We have a partnership with a local data lab that has the tools (such as a clean room) and expertise for advanced data recovery.
Computers are vulnerable to damage, especially laptops since they are portable. Although manufacturers have taken extra steps to build in protection for hard drives, there is no perfect protection available for hardware or data.
Here are some of the most common causes for data loss:
• Operating System Failure
• Hard Drive Read/Write Head Failure
• Accidental Deletion, Overwrite or Formatting
• Impact Damage
• Moisture Damage
• Hard Drive Electronics Failure
• Motherboard Failure
• File Corruption
• Bad Sectors
• Overheating
• User Error