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My Data

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Laptop's and Personal Computers

Our laptops and personal computers are a few years old. There are thousands of photos, emails, music and documents which cannot afford the loss. Priceless memories, hours working on documents.
A hard drive fails, Windows 7,8 and 10 have tendencies to slow down and break. Reinstall is required most time this can be done fairly easy with all data intact.
Then there are those moments that no matter what you do. Windows error as connecting to the internet due to Norton 365 breaking windows.





looking after your data
looking after your data

The only way forward is to format and move forward. Most repair companies state that your data is your responsibility which is fair for the most part - but not all have the know how. If your data is important, contact us.

There are so many variables email settings, the location of hidden saved files iTunes for example, email files, contact, music, photo, movies and ah yes those key for software as an older version of MS office.

We'll take care of this for you. Whether you need a hard drive replacement or what a faster hard drive - Solid state installed, Windows has been corrupted.

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